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March 21, 2019

Kepler Cheuvreux 20th Swiss Seminar

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April 01, 2019

Annual General Meeting 2019

24th Annual General Meeting more

April 04, 2019

Ex-date of pay-out from capital contribution reserves*

* subject to the approval of the AGM

April 05, 2019

Record date of pay-out from capital contribution reserves*

*subject to the approval of the AGM

April 08, 2019

Payment date of pay-out from capital contribution reserves*

* subject to the approval of the AGM

April 30, 2019

First Quarter 2019 Reporting

May 16, 2019
United Kingdom

Citi's Chemicals Conference

June 05, 2019

27th Vontobel Summer Conference

June 07, 2019

Deutsche Bank dbAccess Berlin Conference

July 25, 2019

First Half 2019 Reporting

October 30, 2019

Nine Months 2019 Reporting

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